Resolwe module (resolwe)

Resolwe module

orangecontrib.bioinformatics.resolwe.connect(username, password, url, server_type)[source]

Connect to Resolwe server

  • username (str) –
  • password (str) –
  • url (str) –
  • server_type (str) – genesis or resolwe

Instance of GenAPI or ResolweAPI

class orangecontrib.bioinformatics.resolwe.GenAPI[source]

Python module that leverages Genesis PyAPI (Python API for accsess to DictyExpress database).

It supports connection to the server and data retrieval functionalities.

download_etc_data(gen_data_id, **kwargs)[source]

Function downloads etc data of a chosen experiment from the server.

Parameters:gen_data_id (str) – id of GeneData object
Return type:data in json like format

Function downloads all available GenData etc objects from DictyExpress database.

Return type:list of GenData objects