Orange Bioinformatics documentation

Orange Bioinformatics is an add-on for Orange data mining software package. It extends Orange by providing functionality for some elementary tasks in bioinformatics, like gene set analysis, enrichment, and access to pathway libraries. Included are also widgets for with graphical user interface for, mainly, gene expression analytics.

Orange Bioinformatics provides access to publicly available data, like GEO data sets, Biomart, GO, KEGG, Atlas, ArrayExpress, and PIPAx database. As for the analytics, there is gene selection, quality control, scoring distances between experiments with multiple factors. All features can be combined with powerful visualization, network exploration and data mining techniques from the Orange data mining framework.


To install Bioinformatics add-on for Orange from PyPi run:

pip install Orange-Bioinformatics

To install it from source code run:

python install

To build Python egg run:

python bdist_egg

To install add-on in development mode run:

python develop

Source Code and Issue Tracker

Source code is available on GitHub.

Bug reports and suggestions should be submitted to Issue Tracker on GitHub.

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