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Gives access to dictyExpress databases.



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  • Data

    Selected experiments. Each annotated column contains results of a single experiment or, if the corresponding option is chosen, the average of multiple replicates.


dictyExpress is a widget for a direct access to dictyExpress database and it is very similar to the GenExpress and GEO Data Sets widgets as it allows you to dowload selected experiments.

dicty widget

  1. The widget will automatically save (cache) downloaded data, which makes them available also in the offline mode. To reset the widget click Clear cache.
  2. Exclude labels with constant values removes labels that are the same for all the selected experiments in the output.
  3. Click Commit to output the data.
  4. Publicly available data are accessible from the outset. Use Token to access password protected data.
  5. Available experiments can be filtered with the Search box at the top.


In the schema below we connected ditcyExpress to a Data Table to observe all of the selected experiments. Then we used Differential Expression widget to select the most relevant genes and output them to another Data Table.