Translation of homologs (gene.homology)

This module is an interface to NCBI HomoloGene.

Return a set of all genes for organism taxid., taxid)

Return a list of homologs (taxid, genename) for a homolog group of gene (organism taxid)., taxid, homolotaxid)

Return a homolog of genename (for taxid) in organism holomotaxid. If the homolog does not exist, return None., taxid, ortholog_taxid=None)

Return all InParanoid orthologs of genename from organism with taxid. If ortholog_taxid is given limit to orthologs from that organism only.

Return a set of all genes for organism with taxid in the InParanoid database.


Mapping homologs from yeast to human:

import Orange

data ="brown-selected")

geneinfo ='4932')

genes = [str(ex["gene"]) for ex in data]

for gene in genes:
    mappedgene =, \
        '4932', '9606')
    print(gene, mappedgene)